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Personalised Videos

So you’ve enjoyed watching me in my videos now how about having your very own custom movie made especially for you?

Imagine me in the room with you, talking to you, calling your name, teasing and tantalising you while you enjoy a nice wank….what a way to relax at the end of a HARD day….

Guys, I can make it happen for you and you will have a video to cherish and watch whenever you feel like a little “Sam” indulgence.

Your video will be in POV/JOI format as I will be filming alone but you can choose the scenario (please, nothing too complicated as I don’t have the time or facilities available); and will be in crystal clear quality as you would have come to expect from all my videos.

Let me be your secretary/boss/housewife/aunty/WPC; whatever your fantasy, I will do my best to fulfil it.

So if you would like me to make a personalised video for you, please contact me first with your idea as we will both need to be happy with the scenario and what you are asking for. I will also need a little time to prepare.  Guys, please note that I only make NON-EXPLICIT videos.

I can only film on weekdays around my normal day-to-day activities, so please be patient as I may not always be able to do something immediately for you.  Please allow between 3-4 weeks for your video to be made and sent to you.

To order your personalised video, please contact me first with your idea to make sure that I am able to perform your fantasy. Once I have agreed it with you, then make your purchase through my shop using the “Personalised Video” product. Please be aware that you will not received an automatic download link like the other videos as I will need to make the video for you! Once I have made the video, finished editing and have the finished product ready, I will send it to your email address using Wetransfer. This will give you a download link and you can enjoy at your leisure!

Please take a little time to read the information below before contacting me.

  • Nothing explicit including anal play/watersports/hardsports etc

  • No roleplay that could be considered inappropriate or incestuous.

  • I film alone at home so please be mindful of this.

  • The camcorder will be static.

  • I do not have a wide range of costumes, however, I do have a real WPC uniform that I could wear if you would like me to.

  • Sorry, but I will not perform naked.

  • I have a selection of toys and would be more than happy to incorporate these in your video.

  • Videos will be between 10-15 minutes long, however, please take into consideration my preparation time and the editing process; it can take me up to a day to complete the whole process, hence my prices, thank you.

  • I use Wetransfer only for instant download – sorry, but I cannot provide DVD copy due to previous issues with faulty discs.

  • My home is a modest little bungalow (no stairs unfortunately) and I do have limited areas that I am able to film in due to size restrictions, but I will do my best to work around this for you. However, please do not be disappointed if it would be impossible for me to achieve.


Used Items

I know how much you guys love a one-off piece of personal indulgence so from time to time, I will sell used items of clothing; stockings, panties and I may even part with something you may have seen me wear in a video or photo!

I now have a separate dedicated website for my used items and personalised videos so why not take a look at

Personalised Video (non explicit)
Personalized video with Sam Hunter Slut Wife of Devon
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Personalized video with Sam Hunter Slut Wife of Devon
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